More and more North Americans are looking to manage their own funds better using digital tools. While there are many tools online that offer free personal finances management services, most don't meet the needs and wants of the user. Counter is a proposed tool that offers a variety of different tools and perspectives on the user's wealth, offering the most up-to-date look at each linked account, mapping the user's progress against different goals, as well as insights into spending trends and opportunities to save on different offers, such as a better credit card or bundled insurance policy.

Each tile on the screen is interactive, allowing for scrolling or redirecting the user to another screen (listed across the top). Counter has been designed with the user in mind, allowing him or her to update preferences and data viewing options in Settings. The left column in the 4-column grid system shows a brief, highly-visible overview of accounts and due dates. The text size is larger to establish hierarchy, and it is separated by a line, as this column remains fairly constant across all screens. (See the Accounts screen for the main view of these ever-present data points.)


Clicking on each tile redirects the user to one of the five other screens to dive into each in more detail. For example, High Spending redirects the user to Transactions; Net Worth redirects the user to the Accounts screen.


Budgets are customizable, while spending that doesn’t fit within each budget category is placed in its own category. Trends offer insights into the user’s budgeting habits to allow the user to adjust spending or budgets as needed.


The goals screen offers an opportunity for the user to set their own specific financial goals and track their savings progress against the date they hope to achieve each goal by. A bar chart for each offers more insight into progress than the pie charts on the Overview single-screen view of the data.

The Contributions tile is a separate section of savings contributions to each savings or investment accounts, while Opportunities reminds the user of potential investment opportunities in accounts with additional cash on hand.


All accounts and Cash Flow update instantly, while Share Performance updates at the end of each day. Portfolio Performance updates at the end of each month with each account statement shared from the actual portfolio management tool.


The Transactions screen offers a breakdown of recent purchases or sources of income. The user can filter the list based on four sources of data, as well as insights into what the most frequent purchases (and average amount spent at each) are.


The Insights screen is a bonus service courtesy of [fictional financial tracking service] COUNTER. The service examines all of the user’s linked accounts, bills, etc., and searches third-party information to find the best offers to help the user save and grow their money.

The Suggested Offers open in a pop-up window (see next slide), while related news opens a new window directly on the site of credible news sources objectively evaluated for their usefulness to the user.

Sample pop-up window on the Insights screen.