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DOESN’T APOLOGIZE typographic illustration


Editorial Design, Illustration

Tasked with creating a newspaper entirely based on the persona of Erin Brockovich (née Pattee), the Pattee Post integrates text from found articles on the web as well as 9 original images including both type and image.

The brief for the images was divided in 3 - 3 images were to describe different parts of Erin’s life, 3 were to describe meaningful places in Erin’s life and 3 were to describe relevant sound and texture. Once the images were developed, they were integrated into a 16-page broadsheet newspaper based on a modified traditional grid system.

To reflect the temporal nature of a newspaper, it was wrapped around fish and destroyed in a manner similar to Erin’s now-famous Hinkley, California fight for the community’s drinking water.

Front page

Back page


Erin Brockovich was a hard worker on the Hinkley, CA case, earning the residents a win. She was on the road a lot, however, and never apologized for her actions, believing that she was working towards helping people. It meant that she lost a relationship with Jorge and put distance between her and her children, but her success from her tenacity in her consumer advocacy efforts really shows. While she garnered fame through the 1999 self-titled movie starring Julia Roberts, Erin continues her consumer advocacy efforts across America, fighting for the same justice she won for the Hinkley residents featured in the film.

NewsPAPER Spreads

Based on a traditional broadsheet newspaper layout, each spread follows a strict grid system with carefully typeset articles in Times. Text has been carefully aligned around key images in order to establish readability and hierarchy.


The experience of design is equally as important as comprehending the content. Each spread gradually introduces more and more redacted text for the reader to experience a similar obstacle course that Erin Brockovich faced in her research and case-building perseverance.

Destroying the newspaper


In order to reflect the temporal nature of the newspaper as a medium, the final task pf the project brief was to destroy the newspaper. Maintaining the integrity of Erin’s history fighting for clean water, the newspaper was wrapped around a fish similar to how one might wrap goods purchased at a fish market. However, the fish and newspaper was tossed into a large puddle, left to contaminate the groundwater similar to the dismissive nature of PG&E in Hinkley, CA in the 1990s.

Destroyed newspaper in groundwater